Center for Visual Education
The NGO "Visual Education Center" aims to disseminate and support education in the field of visual arts for the people of Lutsk, Volyn region and Ukraine in general, as well as to promote the inclusion of Ukrainian visual arts in international dialogue.
Our values:
Development and new knowledge
Education is not limited to the walls of the school. We learn because it gives us pleasure and helps to broaden our horizons. We love to share knowledge with others.

Positive impact
We are responsible for what we create and distribute. Visual language is very important, so we make sure that the projects created within the Center have only a positive impact. .
Nothing should stand in the way of those who are motivated to learn and are ready to contribute to the life of the Center. We are not a closed club, but a platform for finding like-minded people.
International cooperation
Cooperation with other countries is necessary to understand the context of today. Participation in international festivals, exhibitions and projects is an important part of the Center's work.
Friendly relations between students and members of the Center are a necessary part of its work. The center aims to be a safe, pleasant and comfortable place for its members.
Community building
We are not a closed club, but a platform for finding like-minded people. It is in our interest to help create a community of artists who share and value each other's opinions.

Iryna Yeroshko: founder and head of the NGO "Center for Visual Education".

Studied at the Higher Graphic Federal Research Institute in Vienna at the Faculty of Photography and Audiovisual Media; Fellow of the International Class program in photojournalism and documentary at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover, Germany.

In 2018, she founded the NGO "Visual Education Center", where she teaches the courses "10 lectures on photography" and "Project Thinking".

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